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Reinventing the education experience

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Adaptive platform which personalizes your learning experience to achieve career goals faster.

Our differentials

  • Adaptive Learning

    Automatic recommendations based on learning profile

  • Short Degrees Certification

    Career path focused on the competencies that are required by the market

  • Curatorship

    Selection of the best contents by reference companies

  • Original Content

    Videos produced by Witseed in conjunction with the professionals of the world's leading companies

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Meet witson, the IBM's Watson© cousin

Each person has individual access to the platform, fully designed for a new learning experience. After answering brief questions, the profile of each user is drawn and the contents are indicated according to their needs and level of difficulty - this process is guaranteed by the artificial intelligence platform, based on adaptive learning.

How it works

  • Quick assessment to delineate interest profile

  • Content covered in short videos

  • Career paths divided by themes

  • Gamification of learning goals

  • Comparison of professional's trajectory with the user base

Contents in development

Priority competencies and skills in development:

Data Analytics | Robotic Process Automation | Service culture | Negotiation & Relationship Management | Functional Expertise in Services | Process Excellence and Continuous Improvement

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The main companies of Brazil are developing with Witseed the contents to improve their teams.
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About us

Witseed is an edutech born in Rio de Janeiro founded by IEG and Inventos Digitais.

IEG is one of the largest Business Schools in Brazil, with operations in more than 15 countries and 15 000 alumni who have graduated over the last 10 years.

Inventos Digitais is the first brazillian tech-startup catalyser, a hands-on school of CTOs and Product Managers that formed the teams of the most innovative new startups of the Rio de Janeiro scene.

Our team is passionate about education and technology, and we want to reinvent the education experience to help professionals and companies to achieve their goals.

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